Dzene (Jenny) Juceviciute

Let me ask you a question... What would make your life fulfilled? On the surface this sounds easy to answer, but if you’d take your time to analyze it a bit deeper, you’ll end up having tons of additional questions and doubts. That very same thing has happened to me each time I was able to stop my life and simply think about it.

Each one of us is so different, but we are such social creatures! Living in close proximity makes us notice, be aware of, and also care about each other. For as long as I can remember, inside myself, there has always been such a strong inner power to protect and fight for those who are not able to do so for themselves. We are so fortunate to be alive and have extraordinary experiences to live. Nature demands that we live in harmony with one another, but are we willing to do so?

I care deeply about positive changes for each and every individual. I agree with and encourage the mentality “Don’t give man a fish instead teach him how to fish."

I hope our first annual charitable event Dance Carnival will connect a lot of people to dance,think, celebrate happiness and Summer Olympics 2016.

Besides dance classes, our dance competitors and their coaches will discuss goals and life purpose, motivation, self-esteem and happiness matters weekly. I’m a big advocate of Positive Psychology and humanity overall.

Think how much better off we would be if learning about YOURSELF was a part of the educational curriculum in schools! Learning compassion, gratefulness, dedication to do good, self-sufficiency and self-love rather than self-importance leads to proper attitude to live.

Proceeds from this event will be secured for various local charitable projects, buying supplies for natural disaster zones and supporting organization in Peru who support homeless disabled children.

Blossomwood foundation is an educational platform to connect the community while promoting self-improvement, happiness and altruism.




Blossomwood Foundation was established in the beginning of 2014 by Dr. Vito Pukis,MD and his wife Dzene (Jenny) Juceviciute.

The initial goal was to assess the situation in the poorest region of Nepal – Karnali Zone. After a couple of trips we have learned that there are already a lot of NGO’s and governmental organizations from UK, Denmark, Norway, United States and many others who are actively working toward the necessary improvement in that region.

We’ve learned that the most effective help we were able to provide was to victims of natural disasters in Nepal, May of 2015 and Ecuador, April of 2016. During countless observations locally and internationally a very important lesion was learned. Our good intentions to GIVE to the poorest of the poor often are mentally harmful to them. We are changing their overall perception of being poor. By giving support without a proper mental education we encourage people to loose their motivation to think and find effective ways to improve their livelihoods. They perceive us as GIVERS and expectation of our support becomes based not on exceptional need, but rather on a status of being poor. All this makes mentally hopeless individuals of their society. The situation is dramatic, and put the whole idea of philanthropy in great danger…

Now about us… the modern world people. We live in the age of self-importance and narcissistic tendencies. Presently it has reached an epidemic level and plays a prime role in human mind degradation in modern societies. Most of us live to please our EGOS through material toys and short lasting joys. Too often we judge events, outside world, others and ourselves in a negative way. While this line of thinking creates a direct harm to our sanity and true happiness, most of us continue practicing it on a daily basis. Urgent need to help ourselves is too often overlooked by our egos immediate rejection.

Blossomwood Foundation is highly driven to create and implement educational programs to help to reach a long-term, deeper kind of happiness, and get overall better results from ones life.

Our result driven passion and goals

  1. Support poorest victims of natural disasters locally and worldwide in the most effective way eliminating huge “middle man” apparatus. Provide immediate relief supplying water purification options, food, hygiene necessities and medicine of immediate needs.

  2. Create and implement leadership programs for the poorest of the poor, teaching them how to develop basic strategies toward self-sufficient lifestyle… To alter their mental preparation to receive much needed help from outside world.

  3. Introduce modern societies to a lost line of thinking how to improve compassion, gratefulness, positive thinking, and other fine qualities of human beings.


We are in the process to open an exclusive discussion platform “& Club”.

Successful local and international leaders gather together to share knowledge, experience and wisdom. During those meetings result based strategies will be created to make our world a better place to live. Each of us is ONE human being. We got a gift to live. Lets do it in the most efficient and positive way! Change yourself to bring a change to others. One step at the time…


  • Every person has a heart with every Good and every Bad living inside it.
  • Every person has a choice to choose.
  • Choose wisely.
  • Choose goodness.
  • Choose to be happier.
  • Happy people are mentally and physically stronger people.
  • Become a better version of YOURSELF!

Board of Directors

  • Olga Osadcii - Event organizer.
  • Tessy Cabrera - Flash Mob Rally organizer.
  • Kenneth Anderson - City of HSV event coordinator.
  • Vito Pukis - Co-founder
  • Dzene Juceviciute - Co-founder, President